In 2011 TSB announced a funding initiative aimed at accelerating the Internet of Things and this was followed by the development of a special interest group. Twelve months later TSB staged a 24 hour road mapping exercise in conjunction with RCUK with invited delegates from academic, policy and industry backgrounds.

Of course road mapping the future of the IoT is not a new exercise and much of the output reiterated issues already well explored by those who dabble. It was nonetheless an interesting exercise in cross disciplinary future mapping and you can explore much of the content here .

Among others Dr. Upstill suggested that the IoT is a technology proposition now and that work is required to turn it into a business proposition. Simon Reed talked of personalised services while Dave Carter spoke of user-driven, open innovation and Chris Speed spoke of social memory and networked objects.

In developing a framework for RCUK and TSB short and longterm goals many issues were highlighted as pertinent to consider:

‘Life, death and dying’ – trust, control and disposal of information and devices, ‘Play’ maintaining a sand-pit for innovation, avoiding over regulating and unsurmountable barriers to innovation caused by overly prescriptive standards, regulation or legislation. ‘Dissemination’, open, communicative, visible sharing of information and results. ‘Agility & democracy’ can we make TSB and RCUK the kick-starter of IoT, peer allocation of funding, small, fast to bank funding initiatives.

Perhaps the most pressing issues for me regarding the future of the IoT are:

1. Operational structures of macro funding, research and development initiatives
Openness is good, democracy can be good, chase fluidity and visibility in funding, research and development dissemination.

2. Informed consent surrounding active and passive interaction with connected devices and spaces.
My devices betray me, my footprints are computer readable but I didn’t knowingly say yes to this digital-stalking,  did you?

3. Backward extension of value chains, product analytics, open alpha and better beta
C’mon product design folk.

What do you think?



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