Some quotes on sound. Huxley of course;

After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music’

Nick Coleman;

… I don’t know how you hear music. I imagine if you like music at all then it has some kind of third dimension to it. A dimension suggesting space as well as surface, depth of field as well as texture. Speaking for myself I used to hear buildings whenever I listened to music. Three dimensional forms of architectural substance and tension. What I hear now when I listen to music is a flat two dimensional representation of music, I can’t enter music and I can’t perceive it’s inner spaces…

Robin Sloan;

It’s like a fingerprint. I can calculate the shape of your trachea from the waveform of your whistle.

Still thinking about the shape of sounds and staring intently at these. We all hear in different ways. Someone I once knew described music as a race to the end, a journey, something like this;

Someone else as ‘the passing of time’

Everything sounds wonderful if only you take the time to listen.

Sometimes you can see sound

Make sound. When you sleep

You know this. The robots also know it. (skip to +40s)

Everyone just needs to find their instrument

Even the sad little robots

And the cut down trees

Some other thoughts on sound and hearing


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