Just a few thought bubbles.

Designing, now? (It is changing.) We are seeing more passive generation of 3D forms. From the very basic, low resolution scanning and printing.

to the more complex approaches using generative systems.

What does this mean for design?

Obviously, there is a digital aesthetic but also possibilities of new modes of user engagement, passive engagement, some suggest human aided design. I am also wondering if we can we develop this to the point that we have smart, evolutionary products that can reconfigure (physically) in realtime? I think so. Yup.


2 thoughts on “(HAD) Human aided design

    • Hello,

      Its actually a term I am using in my PhD, I am not aware of anyone else using the term. I’m currently writing a paper about ‘Human Aided Design’ I will blog about this soon and will forward it to you when I am finished, if this is useful for you?

      I’m using it in the context of sensors, IoT, ubicomp, evolutionary computing supplementing design, human factors, ergonomics…

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