As part of a design project (HighWire) last year I  designed a ‘Listen to London’ conceptual piece. Now some Hackney folk have done something with this (albeit of lower granularity). Of course, Papa Sangre have also created a binaural sound based game, which you should check out. (Not sure if its just my wonky ears, but I think their realtime engine isn’t quite right yet?)

I always had trouble with my music teachers because I wanted to understand what I call the ‘shape of sounds’, to see them bouncing off each other, around spaces, and objects, not just read sheet music, probably why I’m not a musician and why I love this. I’m fascinated by sound, I want an app that lets me visualise the sounds people make in realtime, then I could hear you all a little better. While you are making things, an app that signs (sign language/finger spelling) in real-time would be totally awesome.

Subtitle the world for me?

Could be a mix of these 


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