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Amusing route to insanity: I would hurt that chair or send it to chair hell (back to Ikea).

This has made me question the design methodology for IoT. There appears to be a suggestion (Ben Bashford for example) that there is a role for a new type of designer with a design approach that considers the role of personality, emotion and behaviour in connected things. This would be a cross over of the different disciplines that already contribute to the development of such products.

This suggestion arises from the idea that to live with the objects that are and will be infiltrating our homes in an ever more pervasive manner we need to consider more fully how we live with them and how they live with us. As Ben indicates; Rafi Haladjian (Nabaztag) found that ‘some of the behaviour that didn’t fit its rabbitness were considered a bit unnecessary’. Ben rightly points out that ‘if the design of an object suggests a set of behaviours the way it behaves should map to the way it looks – and vice versa.’

Suggestions have been made as to design strategy,  while Ben argues for integrating personality and something akin to animism, Matt Jones (BERG) points to ‘Mujicomp’ where he suggests that ‘Ubicomp needs some Mujithat is ‘Accessible products that have a degree of simplicity and some desirability to them.’ ‘Able to be appreciated as cultural design objects rather than technology. They should be tasteful, simple, clear, clean, contemporary, affordable, in order to be invited into the home.’ Importantly ‘Mujicomp should seek to make legible the externalities and thresholds that the ‘immaterials’ it is made-up of make possible.’

Interesting. I’m off to have a think.

Personality as the Hitchhikers Guide saw fit
Ben Bashford–Emoticomp
(Complete with unicorn) Russell Davies – Wired UK

Alexandra D-S Emotional robots at RI via BERG

Hat tip to @iotwatch for a-Muji-nudge.


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