Now seems like a good time to review the past year. 2010 was a big year, those of you who know me well will know why so (the ankle breaker picture is not without irony). For the others here follows an edited version limited of course by my patchy memory.

January  2010 saw me as a busy Research Masters student at HighWire at Lancaster University, by this point I had been initiated into HighWire in the now customary Brantwood induction at the home of Ruskin and become well acquainted with fellow HighWirees.

I was involved with a number of  projects including development of a smart healthcare spinoff for an SME in Lancaster, global challenge (Microsoft) and emotional health strategies for Lancaster Campus. Early 2010 saw projects such as ThinkingCap, a networking tool; an application based education marketplace and ListentoLondon, an augmented locative binaural soundbased gaming, narrative system…

Masterclasses and IdeaFactories with Saatchi & Saatchi, Posterscope, Folly, Mott MacDonald, P&G, BBC, Tinker London and various conferences including Experimentality, FutureEverything, Fiscar, Internetome & Intellect introduced us to Kevin Roberts, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Daria Loi, Tom Eslinger, Keith Roberts, Roy Sandbach & Robyn Adams (to name but a few).

I spent some time in Vienna where I met key Gikii fame and in May I presented at Fiscar 2010 in Aalto University, Helsinki on  (1) Tools for User Authorship in Design (w/Leon Cruickshank) and  (2) Product pirates: Intellectual Property implications of fabrication and printing technologies. I have since published a paper in SVID on Understanding Design Interventions in Democratising Innovation: a Toolkit Approach. (w/Leon Cruickshank)

On returning from Fiscar I ran away to London where I had the opportunity to engage in the Homesense Project by Tinker London, to meet the team and explore Silicon roundabout. London was a highlight of sorts involving much fooding, exploring, goodbyes and wonderful hellos. So very pleased to have met everyone I did while there, my love for London is now firmly established with much wondering.

Worth mentioning also the DTC Summer school in Nottingham where HighWire established itself as the most risque (thanks to Kevin & Richard),  determined (thanks to RachelK) and wonderful DTC (because we are), and the keynote speaker Aleks Krotoski who somehow avoided laughing at the live twitter stream.

Finally after a quick reshuffle back through Lancaster, Scotland, Ireland and Manchester with a move to the new HighWire building , I initiated the second HighWire cohort in Brantwood, graduated in absentia with a distinction in an MRes in Digital Innovation, rounded up the year with a studiopart.y and I am now a busy PhD student with lots to do in 2011.

Hope to see you on the way through, Happy New Year.



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