I blogged recently on design ‘participation as the retail product‘, wherein I wondered at design participation as a consumer commodity, not a new concept obviously (see customisation, open design, social product design…) but I am interested in how this may be further developed with retail/service models, as well as an add-on to current design practice. To pursue design activity as a commodity as a retail model the barriers to participation in design must be lowered considerably. Using user data is one way of doing this, be this from social networks, taste in music, carbon footprint… generative systems where the customer can create without the time intensive acquiring of technical or design skills. We must avoid the paradox of choice and apply liberal sprinklings of consumer psychology and good retail practice. Presenting the production process as the spectacle that it appears to be for those unfamilar with the technologies involved is surely entertainment worth paying for?

2011 Update:

Shadowgram photobooth cut a vinyl sticker of your silhouette in 15 seconds by David Stolarsky http://davidstolarsky.com/projects/shadowgram/

‘Be your own souvenir’ by blablabLAB fabricate self using openkinect and openframeworks… http://vimeo.com/21676294


2 thoughts on “‘Participation in design’ as the retail product?

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