This weekend I will be attending “To Catch a Neutrino” by Dr Marieke Navin on Sunday at the 9th Manchester Girl Geek Tea Party.

‘Neutrinos are the most enigmatic and elusive of particles. They can transmit information from the furthest reaches of space and it is this unlikeliness to interact that makes them so interesting to study. Marieke will give you a whistle stop tour of the world of neutrino astronomy then bring you back to Earth to man-made neutrino beams and why we are firing them through the Earth, across Japan and why the study of neutrinos will help us solve some of the mysteries of the Universe.

Marieke Navin took 3 years out after doing an MPhys in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. In this time she travelled, volunteered and worked as a debt collector. Marieke returned to Sheffield and has recently completed a PhD on the neutrino oscillation experiment T2K in Japan. She spent 6 weeks working down a mine in the Japanese Alps refurbishing part of the detector. Marieke was runner up in the 2007 FameLab competition and now works as Science Communication Officer at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.’

HighWire update: Last week we took some of the new HighWire cohort to FabLab Manchester to let them play. FabLab is somewhere you’ll be able to find us if we go missing. On this venture we escaped to eat and discovered MadLab hidden away in the Northern Quarter also. We have also been discussing the idea of ‘impact’ and what this means for HighWire, academia and industry. Lots to come. Watch this space.


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