I’ve been observing the beginnings of a project by TinkerLondon involving DIY smart homes which will run over autumn of this year, and I wondered if you might be interested (or know other folks who would be)?

The project involves giving 6 homes across Europe a research kit of the latest open hardware tech, and training in how to use them. They then have up to 3 months in the autumn to play with the tech, make interesting things, and share their experiences through blogs and videos.

Each household will also be partnered with some local technology experts who will help them throughout the autumn and provide support where-ever’s needed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about technology – all of the kit and the training is designed so that folks with any amount (or not) of tech know-how.

We’re actually really interested to see what kind of things non-techy people would make and how they make it.There are no constraints on what toys people can build: people could track their cats, their plants, measure how often the fridge door opens, and anything else they fancy.

There’s more information here – www.homesenseproject.com – and do give me a yell if you need to know more. We’re on a pretty tight deadline to find our final round of households so do let us know soon if you fancy it, and please please do pass this on to anyone else who might be interested!

Details available here:
Sign up here:

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