On Monday the 15th of February 2010 HighWire participated in a masterclass with Kevin Roberts and associated team members from Saatchi & Saatchi.

Believe in the ‘unreasonable power of creativity

Fail fast, Learn fast & Fix fast, Kevin Roberts advice to learning and progressing. A mantra that the HighWire group are only too happy to indulge in.

Assessing the value of an idea; working in an idea rich group we churn ideas at a fantastic pace so evaluating and assessing the value of ideas is a valuable acquired skill.

  • Do I want to see it again?
  • Do I want to pass it on?
  • Do I want to get involved?
  • To this I would add, can HighWire add the magic touch?

What type of economy are we currently working in? (Advertising specific, but with implications for disciplines beyond.)

Attention -to- Attraction -to- Participation

A trend that has been seen in the advertising industry and I would suggest within the design discipline. We are and have been observing growth in participatory practices and research. User generated content, user design and user innovation are topical at the moment. Especially when one considers growth in 3D printing and manufacturing services such as Ponoko, Materialise and Fabjectory.

My questions are,

  • Just how far will the participation economy reach?
  • What are the implications of this?
  • What comes after the participation economy?

Lovemarks & Loyalty beyond reason

Apple, I suggest demonstrate a lovemark brand, why therefore are they currently falling out of favour with me, a consumer of apple products demonstrating unreasonable loyalty?

Information here

True Blue and DOT (Do One Thing)

We, each of us have the ability to Do One Thing, one thing for the bettering of society, to make the world more sustainable. What is your one thing?

My one thing is a work in progress.

More information here


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