Today HighWire and associated research departments participated in a ‘conversation about innovation’ with Daria Loi a Research Scientist at Intel USA with discussants, Monika Buscher, Corina Sas, Lucy Kimbell and Daniela Sangiorgi.

An interesting and stimulating experience for all.

With an introduction by Monika Buscher, Daria Loi provided insight into Experience Design at Intel.

‘Between Myth and Reality’

How a technology is idealised (myth) and how it is actually used (reality).

Daria spoke of using tools and concepts in focus groups to facilitate discussion and generate usable data. This is a mechanism which I employ in client, developer situations where there is a disconnect in language and understanding. The toolkit (as such) functions as a bridging mechanism enabling both parties to converse in a meaningful way outside the barriers sometime imposed by traditional market research mechanisms of interviews and questionnaires. It is interesting to watch the assumptions of the technical developer crumble in response to the richer client data produced in this way.

Barriers to understanding other users reality

We researchers and developers tend to have experience and a level of knowledge far removed from the typical user of technology, and these considerations are often imposed upon the user with out real consideration of their perceptions and reality. Intel and its User Experience Group appear to make real progress in breaking down these barriers.

Language within and between disciplines

A point of great relevance to HighWire and other post disciplinary researchers. How often do disciplines get lost in language differences between disciplines?

This is an experience we HighWirees encounter on a regular basis where objectives and language do not translate well across disciplines. Beyond this is the perception of value of other disciplines. Design tends to suffer in this respect where other disciplines, in the beginning at least, misunderstand the value and potential of design.


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